In 1851 more than 33% of Kingstonians were born in Ireland

In 1851, while over half of Kingston’s 11,585 people were foreign-born, over a third had been born in Ireland and some 16% emigrated to Kingston from Scotland, England, or Wales. Less than 5% of the total population were from outside Ireland or Britain, with the largest group hailing from the United States. (Osborne & Swainson, 135)

The Irish are the largest single ethnic group in Kingston.cityhall

In the spring / summer 1999 premier issue of Kingston Life magazine, Harvey Schachter states, in his article titled: Who We Are – Kingston’s Cultural Mosaic …

‘Statistics Canada reported 270 people of Jamaican origin living in the Kingston census district in 1996. Respondents were allowed to list up to six elements of their ancestry, and 13,710 listed themselves as having some Irish heritage, 2,500 giving that as their sole response; while 12,945 mentioned some Scottish ancestry.

But there were also …

5,150 citing German, 2,860 of Dutch ancestry, 1,645 of Portuguese. 1,270 Polish, 1,260 Italian, 960 Chinese, 940 French, 685 Ukrainian, 680 Jewish, 620 British, 500 American, 500 East Indian, 495 Greek, 380 Danish, 305 Spanish, 280 Swedish, 245 Hungarian, 220 Austrian, 210 Korean, 190 Finnish, 190 Vietnamese, 180 Swiss, 145 Belgian, 145 Iranian, 140 Japanese, 105 Scandinavian, 100 Lebanese, and 100 of Latin American ancestry.

Beyond these major groups – there were Afghans, and Ghanaians, Latvians and Ethiopians, Syrians, and Mexicans.’

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